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MS&E Seminar Series: Dr. Greg P. Carman

October 27, 2022 @ 4:00 PM 5:00 PM

Dr. Greg P. Carman
University of California – Los Angeles
Host: Dr. Jiamian Hu (MS&E)

Progress on Magnetoelectric Devices from Microelectronics to Antennas

This presentation reviews the progress made in the TANMS center housed at the University of California Los Angeles over the last decade on three small scale components, i.e. microelectronics, motors, and antennas. The motivation for efficiently controlling magnetism in the small scale is described in terms of a nanobot as well as the three orders of magnitude improvement offered by strain mediated magnetoelectric/multiferroic platforms. In the microelectronics area, the presentation describes work on both memory and spin wave devices with memory elements 1000x more efficient and spin waves traveling 100x further than the present state of the art. The motor work overviews the original concept for the nanobot and also describes a cell sorter platform capable of capturing magnetically tagged human T-cells and releasing only those with specific secretions for personalized immunotherapy treatment. Finally, the recent progress on electrically small antenna platforms that rely on voltage induced strain modulation of magnetization to launch electromagnetic signals into dielectric cluttered environments such as the human anatomy is described. This body of work is meant to motivate and encourage other researchers to explore the unique opportunities offered by the growing magnetoelectric/multiferroic community and the associated applications in the small scale.

Professor Carman joined the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department in 1991 and is presently the Ben Rich Lockheed Martin Chair at the University of California Los Angeles. Professor Carman has served as chairman for the Adaptive Structures and Material Systems of the ASME (2000-2002), holds a position as Associate editor for the Journal of Intelligent Material Systems Structures, and Smart Materials and Structures. He was awarded the Northrop Grumman Young Faculty in 1995, elected to the grade of Fellow in ASME 2003, and awarded the ASME Adaptive Structures and Material Systems Prize honoring his contributions to smart materials and structures in 2004. In 2015 SPIE honored him with the SSM Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2016 was invited to be the Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE Magnetic Society. He presently serves as the Director of the National Science Foundation Center Translational Applications of Nanoscale Multiferroic Systems TANMS and Executive Engineering Director of Center for Advanced Surgical & Interventional Technology CASIT. Professor Carman’s present research interests focus on analytical modeling, fabrication, and testing of magnetoelectric materials and developing devices for medical applications.

1509 University Ave
Madison, Wisconsin 53706
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