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Interpretability, Robustness, and Fairness in Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Social Impact

Via Zoom WI

Zoom Motivated by problems in homeless services delivery, suicide prevention, and substance use prevention, we consider the problem of learning optimal interpretable, robust, and fair models in the form of decision-trees to assist with decision-making in socially sensitive, high-stakes settings. We propose new models and algorithms, showcase their flexibility, and theoretical and practical benefits, and...

The Mechanics Seminar: Saverio Spagnolie

3M Auditorium, rm 1106 Mechanical Engineering Building 1513 University Ave, Madison

Professor Saverio Spagnolie Abstract: Many microorganisms must navigate strange biological environments whose physics are unique and counter-intuitive, with wide-ranging consequences for evolutionary biology and human health. Mucus, for instance, behaves like both a fluid and an elastic solid. This can affect locomotion dramatically, which can be beneficial (e.g. for mammalian spermatozoa swimming through cervical fluid)...

BME Alumni Town Hall

Via Zoom WI

Join us on Zoom to hear about the state of the department from Peter Tong Department Chair Paul Campagnola and learn about what BME students and faculty are up to. Following Professor Campagnola, Assistant Professor Filiz Yesilkoy will talk about her latest research into novel biosensor technologies for next-generation diagnostics. There will be time for...