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Anslee Williams, recent Accelerated Master's Program graduate.
November 15, 2022

Accelerated Master’s Program: Student Profile

Written By: Kassi Sprecher


Applications for the Mechanical Engineering Accelerated Master’s program are due on December 15th, 2022 for Fall 2023 entry. Application requirements and directions can be found at

Still on the fence if this opportunity is for you? Ansley Williams, recent Accelerated Master’s Program graduate in August 2022, shares some insight from her time in the program.

  • What motivated you to get your Master’s degree through the accelerated Master’s program?

I chose the accelerated program partially because of the coursework only option and partially because of all the application benefits the accelerated program provided. Since I did not need to take the GRE and was able to transfer over some credits (as a UW-Madison alum), I was able to apply and get started quickly, as well as finish earlier. While writing a thesis can definitely be beneficial, I really enjoyed being able to take more classes during my time in graduate school and learn things from a wider variety of subject matters.

  • Did you get your undergraduate degree at UW-Madison? How has the transition from being an undergrad to graduate student been?

I got my BS in Mechanical Engineering from UW-Madison as well, which definitely made the transition between undergrad and graduate school much easier. I was able to bypass the process of getting to know the campus and settling into the area, and instead jump straight into school. I was also already aware of the expectations of the university, as well as some professors if I had a class with them in my undergraduate program.

  • What benefits have you found by enrolling in the accelerated Master’s program? (academically, professionally, involvement, etc.)

By joining the accelerated Master’s program, I was able to continue to stay involved in my campus activities from undergrad, which was really nice. I also really enjoyed the coursework only structure since that gave me more time outside of class to spend with my working friends and family. Finally, I really enjoyed that the program was only a year long. It was sometimes difficult to be the only person in my life that was still in school, so I really appreciated the accelerated timeline since it allowed me to graduate faster and start building a professional life sooner.

  • What are you interested in doing after you graduate? How do you think your accelerated Master’s degree will benefit you in these pursuits?

I am currently seeking a full-time job in engineering in the Madison area. I actually just received a few offers this past week, which I have no doubt were influenced by my Master’s degree. I think having my Master’s definitely gave me an advantage over other candidates and I feel more confident going into interviews and negotiations with the degree under my belt.

  • What might you share with other ME students who are considering enrolling in the Accelerated Master’s Program?

If you are thinking of going to grad school, but aren’t sure if the time commitment is worth it, definitely consider the accelerated program. There are so many different focus areas you can study within just a year, and that extra experience will always be a leg up for you whenever you move to a new job. It is truly the perfect opportunity to learn more of what you enjoy, spend more time in Madison, and advance your professional image.

Questions about the program or application process? More information about the degree options can be found at or you can contact Sara Hladilek, Graduate Student Services Coordinator, at or 3182 Mechanical Engineering Building.