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Strategic priorities

Ian Robertson

As our world continues to rapidly evolve, it requires solutions—solutions that engineers are well-suited to develop. In the College of Engineering, we pursue research that creates and leverages new technologies to sustainably power our world, safeguard the environment, design new materials, transform communications, elevate manufacturing and save lives.

We work across our eight departments and beyond, connecting with world experts throughout one of the nation’s top public universities. We bring our discoveries into the classroom to prepare our students for meaningful lives and careers. And we partner with organizations and share our knowledge with communities near and far to improve people’s daily lives.

I invite you to read on to see how our college is pushing forward to deliver the solutions our world needs.

—Ian Robertson
Grainger Dean of the College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Our vision
To be a world-class college of engineering in all that we do.


Our mission
To educate and inspire every student to be future leaders who contribute to society through inclusive engagement and the creation, application, and transfer of engineering knowledge. We do this through innovative teaching, transformative research, and service to our profession, the state of Wisconsin, the nation, and the world.


Our values
We cultivate and uphold a safe, welcoming, and supportive environment for all, operating with the highest standards of integrity, collegiality, inclusivity, and ethics and recognizing the contributions of every member of our college community. We embrace students from all backgrounds and help them reach their full potential as engineers, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, leaders and citizens. Our faculty integrate innovative, multidisciplinary research into the classroom, leveraging evidence-based teaching methods to inspire and prepare our students. Through our research, teaching and service, we pursue answers to societal needs and challenges.

Our strategic priorities

An expansive education

Today’s engineers—and the ones who will shape our world moving forward—work across traditional disciplines and blend technical acumen with social skills and cultural knowledge. To prepare Badger Engineers to thrive in their careers and lives, we deliver an education that draws upon effective and inclusive teaching practices, opens students’ minds to emerging topics, and empowers them to gain practical experience in the research lab, in the field or in the community. We help working engineers from around the world sharpen their skills and elevate their careers.

Relevant research

Our researchers are tackling topics that hold the key to our future: a changing climate, clean energy and water, automation, next-generation electronics, artificial intelligence, cutting-edge healthcare and more. Through our work, we continue to unearth fundamental knowledge, drive economic growth, and enhance our world in equitable and just ways. We push our discoveries toward market to accelerate their impact and partner with industry leaders to address emerging needs.

Rendering of conceptual new Engineering building

Building blocks

We invest in our people by supporting and promoting professional development opportunities, including programs to create a robust pipeline of leaders. Our plans to construct a new state-of-the-art building will enhance our physical infrastructure and give our engineers the tools and space to drive their research forward and carry that same innovative spirit into the classroom. At the same time, we will increase the efficiency and inclusivity of our existing facilities. To achieve our goals, we must strengthen and diversify our financial profile and budget model while cultivating increased philanthropic support.

Engineering for all

In order to realize our vision, we must continuously strive to create and uphold a supportive, accountable culture and climate that’s committed to inclusion, equity, and diversity in engineering. We aspire to build a faculty, staff and student body that reflects the broader world, across gender identities, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and other identities and lived experiences. And we aim to ensure equity in policies, practices, and workloads across the college to create an environment where all can excel.