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As a Badger engineer, you’re in charge of your future. We’re here to help you make it happen.

Southwest view of the outside of the new UW-Madison College of Engineering building

Investing in Wisconsin’s future: The new UW-Madison College of Engineering building

Our college at a glance

Faculty who have received early career/young investigator awards
US Dollars69KThousand
Average starting salary after graduation
Labs for hands-on learning

60+ degrees and programs led by award-winning faculty

See how we’re engineering the future

Community, opportunity, support

Undergraduate research

Undergrad research is great way to tap directly into our professors’ expertise. Best of all, we don’t just allow our undergrads to participate in research—we encourage it.

Student orgs

Connect, compete, network, learn, lead, volunteer, grow and more. Joining student orgs (but maybe not all 50 of them) gives you even more power to personalize your college experience.


We offer a well-rounded, collaborative approach to your well-being so that you can thrive. That means people and services to help you keep your academic, physical, emotional and mental health on track.

Career services

As an engineer, you get the best of both worlds: It’s a really fun major. It’s also a career that’s in super-high demand. In other words, your job outlook both during and after college is pretty rosy.

Inclusion, equity and diversity

A strong community is one in which each member encourages and supports the others. In our college, that’s what we strive to do, so that you can reach your full potential.