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Wellness and well-being

We care about you

Personal wellness is extremely important to your academic success and overall wellbeing. The College of Engineering works with you—as well as with families, faculty, staff and campus partners—to provide you the support you need to develop and maintain all areas of your health and wellness.

The College of Engineering also works closely with these UW-Madison campus partners to provide you support and resources:

Mental health and wellness

We partner closely with University Health Services (UHS) to provide mental health services and support through counseling and workshops available specifically for you as engineering student. UHS’s mental health providers understand the complexities of student life and offer you an open, safe and confidential environment to help you through issues that might interfere with your development, wellbeing and academic productivity.

You also have easy access to informal and confidential sessions with an engineering-focused provider, as well as workshops to develop skills and strategies to support your health and well-being.

Mistreatment hurts everyone: Report an incident

Social wellness

It’s important to your overall wellbeing to build supportive and caring social relationships that contribute to a healthy community and support your individual successes. Find opportunities to connect and engage with communities that speak to you, your passions, and your values. For example, many of your fellow engineering students find community by participating in student organizations.

Academic wellness

Managing your time and taking advantage of the resources available to you will help you succeed academically and achieve your goals. We encourage you to meet with your academic advisor, use tutoring support at the Undergraduate Learning Center, and explore studying and time management programs on campus.