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postdoc student performing maintenance on the HSX

UW-Madison College of Engineering research

The UW-Madison College of Engineering is at the forefront of research unlocking the answers to complex questions involving energy, sustainability and the environment; intelligent systems and communication; advanced materials design and manufacturing; and healthcare.

Research focus areas

Our research focus areas address some of society’s major challenges. We are driven to transform lives and technology through discoveries in all of these critical areas.
People standing in front of driverless shuttle

Industry partnerships

We excel in research—and in training the people who could be your future engineers. You can access that vast store of intellectual and human capital right now. Whether you have a research challenge you’d like us to help tackle, specialized testing to perform in one of our facilities, desire a longer-term collaboration through one of our research consortia—or something else—we’re here to help serve your needs.

Engineering research news

We are known for world-changing discoveries, and we collaborate with each other, with colleagues across the globe, and with industry and government partners to develop solutions to the challenging problems not only of today, but of the future. Dig into our latest research news and endeavors!