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focus area Engineering healthcare

students in Perry Outreach Program

Biomedical engineering PhD student Christa Wille (left) assists Perry Outreach Program students April 27, 2019, at UW Health at The American Center. Photos courtesy of The Perry Initiative.

Improving quality of life for all

Until recently, our knowledge of the human body and how it works has been limited to what we could observe in person or through high-level imaging. Consequently, we’ve also been constrained in our ability to prevent, diagnose or treat illness, injury and disease. Today, engineering research in a wide range of disciplines not only underlies advances that improve our overall health and wellbeing, but also drives revolutionary steps forward in personalized care and the security of our private health data. Working not only at the intersection of medicine and biology, but also that of information and communications, we’re creating technology that enables a new way of thinking about what it means to deliver and receive healthcare.

We’re engineering the future through:

  • Greater understanding of biological components and systems in the human body and how external factors affect how they develop, grow, remain healthy and become diseased
  • New techniques and technologies that allow us to better predict and diagnose disease and then develop a treatment plan that’s precisely tailored to an individual patient’s needs
  • Advances in how we leverage computing power to analyze, secure, store and transmit health data
  • Biomanufacturing to bring ideas to application in the healthcare sector

What we are specfically focusing on

Biomechanics and mechanobiology


Communications, networks, privacy and security

Machine learning, signal processing and information theory

Regenerative medicine and drug delivery

Understanding materials to improve biomedical outcomes

Engineering research news

We are known for world-changing discoveries, and we collaborate with each other, with colleagues across the globe, and with industry and government partners to develop solutions to the challenging problems not only of today, but of the future. Dig into our latest research news and endeavors!