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Chemical & Biological Engineering Research

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Bioengineering and Biotechnology

We utilize experimental and computational approaches to understand and engineer biological molecules, materials, processes, and systems. We are developing new technologies for disease prevention and treatment, producing materials and processes for tissue and organ regeneration, advancing an integrated understanding of living systems, and designing multi-scale processes to produce fuels and materials from biological sources. Accomplishing these goals involves collaboration with researchers in the biological, biochemical, and medical sciences.

Representative Topics

Synthetic biology, protein and pathway engineering, drug design and delivery, controlled release, biointerfaces, anti-viral strategies, systems biology, blood flow.


Core faculty: Dudley, Graham, Lynn, Ngo, Palecek, Pfleger, Shusta, Van Lehn, Yin

Affiliate faculty: Raman, Romero, Venturelli

Centers, Consortia and Institutes

Major research centers that collaborate with or include CBE faculty:

CBE-led centers:

CBE graduate students also benefit from numerous NIH training programs that promote interdisciplinary training in the biological aspects of biotechnology and provide valuable experience through an industrial internship. Current training programs include: