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Department Chemical & Biological Engineering

From the fundamentals to the cutting edge

For years the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering has consistently emphasized teaching our students the fundamentals. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation needed to succeed in any career path. As a result, many of our graduates are now leaders in chemical engineering fields throughout the world.

But we don’t just teach the fundamentals. Get ready to dive into cutting-edge research opportunities, service and outreach activities, and international educational programs designed for the next generation of leaders.

At a glance

Chemical and biological engineering department

of our faculty have received early-career or young-investigator awards
undergraduate ranking among public universities
graduate ranking among public universities

Chemical and biological engineering news

Research in chemical and biological engineering spans a wide range of techniques and approaches. For us, interdisciplinary collaboration is key! The result? Innovative research that addresses the most pressing challenges facing society today.
Paul Dauenhauer
“When I found out what chemical engineering was, I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I had never thought of the connection between the chemical industry, the fuels industry and forest products until I was at Wisconsin. That completely changed my thinking, because once you see an example of one alternative renewably sourced molecule, you ask, ‘Why we don’t go after everything? Why don’t we make the forestry products of northern Wisconsin and northern Minnesota the source for carbon for everything we do?’ When I went to graduate school, that’s what I sought out.”
Paul Dauenhauer
Lanny and Charlotte Schmidt Professor, chemical engineering and materials science, University of Minnesota, BSChE ’04 (PhDChE ’08, University of Minnesota)

Meet the faculty

Our faculty are an outstanding group of scholars whose work puts them at the forefront of chemical and biological engineering research. Many have been recognized for their contributions with awards from national and international organizations.