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Cross-cutting Advanced sensing, analysis and characterization

one-photon redox imaging

Wide-field, one-photon redox imaging shows the natural fluorescence of two common metabolic coenzymes in cells, allowing researchers to track metabolic changes as biomarkers of treatment response. Image courtesy Skala lab.

Taking a more informed view

We’re using some of the most advanced instrumentation in the world to generate the data we need to design, create, understand and improve the properties of the materials, devices and systems that will transform many aspects of our future as a society. This unique equipment and expertise is located in an outstanding suite of shared facilities right here on our campus. At the same time, we’re conducting research to improve and advance these diagnostic and characterization tools—ultimately enabling us to enter unprecedented precision and level-of-detail domains.

What we are focusing on in advanced sensing, analysis and characterization

Advanced Sensing

Operations analytics

Multiscale characterization of materials and surfaces

Solid-state electronics and quantum technologies

Materials for constructed facilities

Mechanical characterization and system identification

Optics and photonics

Imaging systems

Structural engineering

Engineering research news

We are known for world-changing discoveries, and we collaborate with each other, with colleagues across the globe, and with industry and government partners to develop solutions to the challenging problems not only of today, but of the future. Dig into our latest research news and endeavors!