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Mechanical Engineering Research

Xiangru Xu ME lab drone

Robotics, Controls and Sensing

Researchers in Robotics, Control and Sensing study how systems evolve over time and apply physical and mathematical principles to measure and change these phenomena for new problem-solving technology. Robotics research in the UW Mechanical Engineering department includes applications in haptics for human interaction, prostheses and orthoses, surgery, soft robotics, manufacturing, rehabilitation, mobility and maneuverability. Control research includes applications in manufacturing, haptics, novel actuators, safety in autonomous systems, fluidic soft actuation, and cyber-physical systems. Sensing research includes flexible and soft sensors and electronics, wearables, precision instrumentation for micro/nano transport measurements, and simulation for data-driven perception.


Faculty Affiliates

Laboratories and Centers

The Biomechatronics, Assistive Devices, Gait Engineering and Rehabilitation Laboratory

Andrews Laboratory for Printed Electronics and Sensors

Madison Machine Interaction Lab

Autonomous & Resilient Controls Lab

Robotics Engineering, Applied Control and Haptics Lab