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We care about our students and our classes

Teaching has always been the backbone of our department. From our brand-new freshmen to our PhD candidates, our 36 faculty and 10 full-time instructors absolutely love to teach new engineers. We explore innovative ways to make in-class learning come alive for our students, through hands-on projects, superior facilities and equipment, and flexible teaching styles to bring out the best in each class.

With over 120 mechanical engineering courses available to our students, we teach a wide variety of topics. Students choosing UW–Madison for their mechanical engineering degree can pull from this impressive range of courses to customize their degree plan to match their engineering interests.

Our faculty and instructors also advise countless research projects, student organizations, competition teams, and department programs like Women in Mechanical Engineering. Community matters, especially in a large department like this.

We have strong and progressive research partnerships

Our professors head some of the most groundbreaking and productive research enterprises on this campus. UW–Madison’s exceptional reputation for public service is based on the Wisconsin Idea: that we have a positive influence on the people of Wisconsin, our country, and the world. In our department, this means research programs that find solutions for problems ranging from sustainable manufacturing and energy storage to traumatic brain injuries and high-performance computing.

Collaborations across engineering disciplines are a natural fit for mechanical engineers. Many of us have backgrounds that draw from other engineering areas, creating tight-knit and satisfying relationships among our department and the top research institutions around the world.

Year after year, U.S. government agencies, established industry leaders, and bold entrepreneurs choose to invest in our research efforts. These partnerships bring millions of dollars annually to Wisconsin. They fund cutting-edge research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students and have helped create and supply our wonderful laboratories.

We are growing (even at 150 years old)

We continue to recruit and hire brilliant faculty members to teach our students and guide research efforts. Our undergraduate degree continues to be in high demand, with more than 1,000 students. And in addition to our widely respected master’s and Ph.D. programs, we created three one-year coursework-only master’s degrees to help give industry-bound students the advanced focused training they want.

We have extraordinary alumni

Our network of thousands of graduates reaches around the world. Many have continued into a mechanical engineering career, including returning to colleges and universities to teach the next generation. Others have spread into business, law and related fields, using the problem-solving skills they learned here. Alumni open doors to internships, co-op programs, and jobs to their fellow Badgers.

Many have generously given back to the department, seeing the value in investing in our teaching and research missions. From $10 to $1 million, these gifts fund scholarships, lab and space renovations, and many, many more opportunities for our students, faculty and staff.

We are grateful to all the people—students, research partners, industry friends and alumni—who make up our community.

On, Wisconsin!