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Mechanical Engineering Graduate Women+ In ME

Graduate Women+ in Mechanical Engineering (WME) is a community of women and gender minorities who are graduate students and postdocs affiliated with the Mechanical Engineering (ME) department. We aim to foster a supportive environment for women and gender minorities to enhance their overall experience and provide leadership opportunities. We also aim to develop leadership skills, facilitate professional development, and other activities such as recruitment, mentoring, and networking events.

This community strives to create an environment where more women and gender minorities feel welcomed and accepted in these predominantly men-dominated fields. We also work to increase the percentage of women and gender minorities that are accepted and finish graduate degrees in ME and Mechanics-related disciplines.

To achieve this, we have organized events in the past including:

To learn more about and receive invitations to our regular events, please join our listserv. To join the GW+ME listserv, please visit this link. Our group name is “gwme.”

Organization Leadership

Stephanie Beth Hernández²
Pronouns: She/Her
President of GW+ME

K. Heidi Fehr
Pronouns: She/Her
Vice President of GW+ME

Lesley Arant
Pronouns: She/Her
GW+ME Committee Member

Jingyi Wang
Pronouns: She/Her
GW+ME Committee Member

Faculty Advisors

Jennifer Franck, PhD
Pronouns: She/Her
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Kate Fu, PhD
Pronouns: She/Her
Jay and Cynthia Ihlenfeld Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo!
End of the year social/farewell to graduating students.
First Friday Social with Solis – studying for finals with snacks and camaraderie.
Playing pool at the Sett.
Bowling at the Sett.
Lunch & Learn Series about Stress Management.