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Cross-cutting Computing and data-driven engineering

Dane Morgan

Dane Morgan’s Informatics Skunkworks, launched with an NSF grant, is teaching undergraduate engineering students how to use cutting-edge computing tools to extract information.

Gaining deeper insight through intelligent information

We’re harnessing computational power, combined with new computer architectures and machine learning, to interpret and analyze information, make decisions, and optimize the performance of systems in an array of fields.

What we are focusing on in computing and data-driven engineering

Physics-based modeling

Operations research and optimization

Systems and process modeling

Simulation for design, optimization and automation

Computer systems and architecture

Machine learning, signal processing, and information theory

Digital twins and machine learning to optimize nuclear energy system performance

Advanced modeling and simulation of materials and systems

High-performance computing and data-driven modeling for multi-scale, multi-physical system

Engineering research news

We are known for world-changing discoveries, and we collaborate with each other, with colleagues across the globe, and with industry and government partners to develop solutions to the challenging problems not only of today, but of the future. Dig into our latest research news and endeavors!