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Mechanical Engineering Research

Xiaoping Qian holding a 3D-printed beam

Computational Engineering and Design

We create mathematical models and develop computer methods and tools that advance a diverse array of engineering applications. Research topics include geometric and physical modeling, model-based engineering, finite-element methods, computational fluid dynamics, multi-physics modeling, multi-scale modeling, shape and topology optimization, data-driven methods, machine-learning techniques, system engineering, and high-performance computing. Current applications for this work include energy systems, transportation and autonomous vehicle integration, cyber-physical systems, and design for additive manufacturing.


Faculty affiliate

Laboratories and Centers

Kate Fu

Kate Fu

Engineering Design Research Lab

The Engineering Design Research Lab (EDRL) is directed by Dr. Kate Fu in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Through their research, they strive to support and enhance design innovation and creativity.

Ying Li

Ying Li

Computational Materials Design Lab

Dr. Li’s current research interests in the Computational Materials Design Lab are: multiscale modeling, computational materials design, mechanics and physics of polymers, and machine learning-accelerated polymer design.

Dan Negrut youtube screenshot

Dan Negrut

The Simulation-Based Engineering Lab (SBEL)

The Simulation-Based Engineering Lab (SBEL) investigates modeling approaches and develops software solutions that enable fast computers to accurately predict how complex mechanical systems change in time.

Wenxiao Pan youtube screenshot

Wenxiao Pan

Pan Group@UW-Madison

The broad fields the Pan group work in are complex fluids and soft matter. Their mission is to address the grand challenges in modeling and simulating complex fluids and soft matter through accurate, robust, and scalable numerical methods as well as machine learning and data-driven model order reduction techniques.

Xiaoping Qian

Xiaoping Qian

The Qian group conducts research in computer methods for design and manufacturing automation, with technical emphasis on multi-physics topology optimization and geometric design. Current activities are centered on advancing topology optimization methods and developing formulations to account for manufacturability constraints.

Krishnan Suresh

Krishnan Suresh

Engineering Representations and Simulation Laboratory

The Engineering Representation and Simulation Laboratory (ERSL) research group focuses on large-scale topology optimization, design for additive manufacturing, and high performance finite element analysis (FEA).

Shiva Rudraraju youtube screenshot

Shiva Rudraraju

Computational Mechanics and Multiphysics Group

Prof. Rudraraju’s research focuses on the mathematical and computational modeling of emergent phenomena in materials (structural and biological) that are driven by mechanics and multiphysics. Microstructural evolution, patterning processes and bifurcations are of particular interest.

Mario Trujillo

Mario Trujillo

The Multiphase Computational Fluid Dynamics group

Prof. Mario F. Trujillo’s group is interested in a variety of multiphase flow problems ranging from micron-size particles transported in analytical flow fields to various industrial liquid spray applications.

Jinlong Wu

Jinlong Wu

Artificial Intelligence for Modeling and Simulation (AIMS) Lab

The research of Prof. Wu’s group mainly focuses on developing efficient and reliable data-driven modeling and simulation techniques for complex dynamical systems (e.g., multi-scale, multi-physics, chaotic) in engineering applications.