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DEGREE Engineering Mechanics (+Aerospace Engineering Option), BS

Major in engineering mechanics

As an engineering mechanics major, you will design, measure and analyze complex structures of everything from networks of human cells and, to novel materials constructed at the nanoscale, to roller coasters and spacecraft. Engineering mechanics is the home of aerospace engineering at UW-Madison.

Your engineering mechanics education will prepare you for careers in a wide variety of fields, including health, clean energy, space exploration and many more. As one of the smaller engineering majors, we focus on building a community that supports our students’ success during their degree and as they launch their careers.

At a glance

Engineering physics department

of the nation’s few remaining research and teaching nuclear reactors
undergraduate ranking among public universities in nuclear engineering
graduate ranking among public universities in nuclear engineering

Program and Degree Information

View the Undergraduate Guide for information on requirements, four-year plans and more.

Engineering physics news

In our department, our research spans areas that include aerospace, materials, fusion energy, nuclear systems and more—and we are a community that brings them all together for the benefit of our world.

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