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Who is a Freshman?

A freshman includes anyone who is currently a student in high school or who has not taken college coursework since graduating from high school.

Preparing to apply to the College of Engineering

Here are a couple of tips to prepare you for success in your application.

Scholarships and aid

The College of Engineering is committed to recognizing the potential and accomplishments of incoming and enrolled students by supporting their education through a variety of scholarships at the college and departmental level.

High school preparation

High school students planning on applying to UW-Madison for engineering should be focusing on math and science. This means taking the most challenging math and science courses your school offers!

Declaring an engineering major

If you are applying to UW-Madison to be considered for direct admission to the College of Engineering, please indicate an engineering major as your first choice. Direct admission to a major means our students start in the College of Engineering program of their choice. Academics are important throughout your engineering career, so remember you’ll need to meet progression requirements to continue advancing through your educational program.

Become a Badger Engineer