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Baja SAE 2024 all team W
June 11, 2024

Wisconsin Baja 2024 SAE Competition

Written By: Caitlin Scott



Congratulations to the Wisconsin Baja team on a great performance at their yearly Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) off-road racing competition! They spent over four days in Williamsport, PA with 106 other university teams from across North and South America.

Overall, the car did extremely well, and the team completed their goal of being top 3 in the main event, the 4-hour endurance race. Another point of pride: the team had around a 30% female representation this year. Well done, all!


  • 1st through technical inspection
  • 2nd in the 4-hour endurance race
  • 6th in cost evaluation
  • 12th in the acceleration event
  • 9th in the hill climb event
  • 25th in the design presentation event
  • 27th in the maneuverability event
  • 28th in the suspension and traction event

Read more highlights from competition via the team’s LinkedIn.

Baja SAE 2024 car 1
Baja SAE 2024 car 5
Baja SAE 2024 all team
Baja SAE 2024 car 10
Baja SAE 2024 cows and cow car
Blending in with the locals
Baja SAE 2024 muddy car

Featured image: Full team with car at SAE competition 2024.
Special thank you to team president Ethan Dretzka for sharing all photos and recap details.