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DEGREE Electrical Engineering, BS

Major in electrical engineering

As an electrical engineering major, you can learn to design, develop, analyze, research and create systems for a wide variety of fields, including power generation, communication, healthcare and instrumentation. You’ll also learn about the devices and components that make up these systems —from the smallest transistors (of which there can be hundreds of billions on a single chip!) to antennas, lasers, electric engines and even fusion devices that could provide power for the world.

Electrical engineering majors learn the tools for analyzing and operating systems, including signal processing, control and machine learning. You can even focus on the mathematics, tools and practices associated with machine learning and data science in engineering with our new Machine Learning and Data Science named degree option. In the UW-Madison ECE department, our program will match your ambition.

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Program and Degree Information

View the Undergraduate Guide for information on requirements, four-year plans and more.

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