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Jeremy Coulson
January 6, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Jeremy Coulson is making smart systems smarter

Autonomous systems are becoming more and more impressive, from smart homes that learn a family’s routine to delivery robots that can safely cross an intersection on their own. However, the…

Steffi Diem in the Pegasus-III Lab
December 14, 2022

UW–Madison has long been a leader in fusion research and education

On Dec. 13, 2022, U.S. Department of Energy scientists announced a crucial advance in the quest to mimic the nuclear fusion that powers the Sun — a long-held goal of…

Daniel van der Weide and Marcos Martinez in lab
November 9, 2022

In a big twist, a tiny helix could improve satellite communications

Engineers at UW-Madison have developed a new, extremely small self-winding helix that may be easily mass produced and allow manufacturers to develop devices that can access unused sections of the…

James Swanke inspects a megawatt aviation motor
November 7, 2022

With NASA funding, multi-university team aims to get electric planes off the ground

In fall 2022, UW-Madison PhD student James Swanke spent several weeks at the NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) facility near Sandusky, Ohio, performing the final tests on a one- megawatt…

October 31, 2022

UW-Madison a partner in $15 million effort to commercialize more university advances

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is among 14 Midwest universities to join the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) network—a program designed to move more discoveries from research laboratories into the…

Graduate students Veronica White and Carmen Haseltine
October 4, 2022

Graduate students work to bolster diversity in operations research

As a Black woman pursuing her undergraduate degree and now PhD in electrical engineering, Carmen Haseltine has seen and experienced plenty of the forces that dissuade aspiring scientists and engineers…

Robert Jacobberger
September 8, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Robert Jacobberger is designing next-gen electronics with atomic precision

Robert Jacobberger is no stranger to the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering. He earned his PhD in 2016 working with Michael Arnold, a professor of materials science and engineering,…

Eric Tervo
August 31, 2022

Focus on new faculty: A warm welcome for Eric Tervo and his quest to harness heat

In general, heat is the enemy of most technologies; engines and motors can fail when they overheat and computer components tend to fritz out when they get too hot. But…

Pedro Morgado
August 24, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Pedro Morgado wants AI to see for itself

While artificial intelligence has made huge strides in recent years, there’s actually a lot of human intervention going on behind the scenes; most AI relies on training materials—usually massive troves…

Engineers Without Borders students in Puerto Rico
August 10, 2022

Energy surge: ECE students lead Engineers Without Borders back into the field

One of the reasons University of Wisconsin-Madison students join Engineers Without Borders is to cross some actual borders—in most cases, participants travel abroad to help implement water, power or other…