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September 20, 2022

Control Theory Applications for Dynamic Production Systems

Written By: Caitlin Scott



Neil A. Duffie

Professor Emeritus Neil A. Duffie has published a new textbook that helps readers apply the fundamental tools of linear control theory to model, analyze, design, and understand the behavior of dynamic production systems.

Control Theory Applications for Dynamic Production Systems: Time and Frequency Methods for Analysis and Design provides a comprehensive explanation of how core concepts of control theorical analysis and design can be applied to production systems. Time-based perspectives on response to turbulence are augmented by frequency-based perspectives, fostering new understanding and guiding design of decision-making. The time delays intrinsic to decision making and decision implementation in production systems are addressed throughout. This book is intended for production, manufacturing, industrial, and control system engineers and students taking advanced courses on industrial system digitalization, dynamics, and design.


Neil A. Duffie, PhD, is Professor Emeritus and past Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UW-Madison, where his main research areas include dynamics of production systems, distributed system control, and manufacturing process automation. He has held guest professorships and visiting researcher positions at the University of Bremen, the University of Stuttgart, Jacobs University, Cranfield University, James Cook University, and the AIST Mechanical Engineering Laboratory in Japan. A Fellow of ASME, CIRP, and SME, he is a past President of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and a past Editor-in-Chief of the SME Journal of Manufacturing Systems.