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February 20, 2024

Day of the Badger: Celebrate with ECE

Written By: Allyson Crowley


On April 16 and 17, 2024, Day of the Badger returns to UW-Madison.  This annual celebratory event hosted by the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association is a spirit-filled opportunity for alumni and friends to show their Badger support.  Day of the Badger raises funds for departments and colleges across our great university to ensure its legacy of success.


The Day of the Badger begins precisely at 10:12am on April 16th and ends at 5:00pm on April 17th.  “Why”, you might ask, “does Day of the Badger cover two days?”  Well, Day of the Badger is 1,848 minutes long.  This extra-long, extra-special day honors the year our great university was founded, 1848!

New for 2024, we are excited to share that two ECE alumni have offered a $10,000 gift match just for Day of the Badger. That means, your support will make twice the impact! Day of the Badger gifts will go directly to ECE through the Electrical and Computer Engineering Fund:


Gifts to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Fund have an immediate impact on the exceptional student and faculty experience to which we are focused and committed.  Here are just some of the efforts that are supported by the fund:

  • Hands-on undergraduate engineering learning opportunities starting in the first year, including an electronics tool kit gifted to students that will serve them throughout their undergraduate careers
  • ECE Badger community-building activities and events that enhance and enrich the student experience through groups such as Women in ECE, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Badger Solar Racing, and the ECE Graduate Student Association
  • Faculty and student recruitment intent on continuing academic excellence and research expansion

UW-ECE is dedicated to providing an expansive, top-tier educational experience, and Day of the Badger provides a direct line from each gift to that exceptional experience.


Be sure to let us know how you are celebrating #DayoftheBadger by tagging us in your social media posts, @UWMadisonECE.  We are always excited to hear from UW-Madison ECE alumni and friends.  Your support will make a difference!

Student in James H Thompson Design Studio unpacking first electronics tool kit for ECE 210
uw madison ece
Students in ECE 210 receiving their first electronics tool kits.