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Focus on Faculty: Bhuvana Krishnaswamy
April 3, 2024

ECE Focus on Faculty: Bhuvana Krishnaswamy

Written By: Allyson Crowley


Bhuvana Krishnaswamy is a Charles Ringrose Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Krishnaswamy’s research in the areas of Communications, Networks, Privacy and Security; and Computer Systems and Architecture has earned a 2023 UW–Madison Early Career Investigator Award and a 2022 National Science Foundation CAREER Award. As head of the UW Connect Lab, Krishnaswamy’s research team focuses on wireless networks, low-power wireless systems, Internet-of-Things, and biological networks.

In this video profile, hear Krishnaswamy talk about her research in wireless networks, how her research influences her teaching, and the community of collaboration that is provided by UW–Madison.

Focus on Faculty – Bhuvana Krishnaswamy

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