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Summer 2023, UW-ECE, courses for every ece badger, Continue your academic progress by registering for ECE summer courses! blue sky with white clouds and yellow Memorial Union Terrace chair
April 13, 2023

ECE Summer Term offers wide variety of courses for ECE Badgers

Written By: Allyson Crowley


Summer 2023 UW-ECE courses for every ece badger - Continue your academic progress by registering for ECE summer courses!  Graphic with photo of yellow Memorial Union Terrace chair and blue sky, puffy white clouds in background

What’s better than summertime in Madison?!  The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers a great selection of summer courses that will keep you on your academic path while enjoying all that summer session has to offer. 

Check out ECE Summer Term classes in Course Search to find:

ECE 203 – Signals, Information, and Computation
ECE 220 – Electrodynamics I
ECE 230 – Circuit Analysis
ECE 252 – Introduction to Computer Engineering
ECE 270 – Circuits Laboratory I
ECE 271 – Circuits Laboratory II
ECE 330 – Signals and Systems
ECE 340 – Electronic Circuits I
ECE 532 – Matrix Methods in Machine Learning
ECE 539 – Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

Summer 2023 Course Spotlight: ECE 330 – Signals and Systems

Eduardo Arvelo

One of the courses offered in the 2023 summer term is ECE 330 – Signals and Systems. This course will cover: time-domain response and convolution; frequency-domain response using Fourier series, Fourier transform, Laplace transform; discrete Fourier series and transform; sampling; z-transform; relationships between time and frequency descriptions of discrete and continuous signals and systems.

This session of ECE 330 will be taught by ECE Assistant Teaching Professor Eduardo Arvelo. Arvelo is the winner of the 2022 Holdridge Teaching Award.

Registration is now open for Summer 2023. See you on the Terrace!