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November 10, 2022

Grad student Shen named IISE Future Faculty Fellow

Written By: Jane FELLER

PhD student Weijun Shen has been named a Future Faculty Fellow by the Institute for Industrial and Systems Engineers. This elite program is designed to prepare PhD students for future positions in academia. Twenty students from around the country were selected for this year’s program.

Shen’s research focuses on additive manufacturing. However, this isn’t the typical 3D printing approach that many are familiar with. Instead, his work combines origami and kirigami with modern engineering tools. He applies techniques from these ancient arts into novel designs for wearable devices, such as wearable sensors for use in healthcare settings.

Shen received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Shanghai Polytechnic University. He completed additional graduate work at Iowa State University, before transferring to UW-Madison in fall 2022.  He is advised by Assistant Professor Hantang Qin.