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October 18, 2022

MS&E Graduate students receive PPG Fellowships

Written By: Courtney Vafiadis


Materials Science and Engineering graduate students Sebastian Manzo and Lane Schultz are recent recipients of the College of Engineering’s PPG Graduate Fellowship.

PPG founded in 1883 as Pittsburg Plate Galls, is a global supplier of paints, optical materials and polymer coatings that partners with campuses for sponsored research projects. 

Lane Schultz
Lane Schultz

Lane is a fifth-year graduate student this fall and works at the interface of data and materials science. He has been developing machine learning models to rapidly predict glass formng ability for metallic glasses with the goal of guiding researchers to be able to quickly make new glassy metals. Lane advised by Professor Dane Morgan is also developing new approaches to determining when a model can be used reliably for a prediction of a materials property.

Sebastian Manzo
Sebastian Manzo

Sebastian is also a fifth-year graduate student. His research is on the synthesis of single-crystalline semiconductor thin films and free-standing membranes. Sebastian advised by Professor Jason Kawasaki, recently had their work featured in the July 2022 issue of the journal Nature Communications.