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Photo of Sumit Mandel
November 17, 2021

Ogras and Mandal receive best paper award from influential ACM journal

 Umit Ogras
Umit Ogras

Umit Ogras, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, and PhD student Sumit Mandal received the 2021 best paper award from the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) journal Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems.

The award honors the article “An Energy-Aware Online Learning Framework for Resource Management in Heterogeneous Platforms” published in the May, 2020 issue of the journal.

 Sumit Mandel
Sumit Mandal

As mobile devices including phones, tablets and personal computers grow more powerful, the number and sophistication of applications they run is also dramatically increasing. The parameters for those apps, however, are pretty stringent—users expect them to open almost instantly and use a minimum of energy so they don’t run down a device’s battery.

That’s actually a pretty difficult balance to maintain. In their paper, Ogras and Mandal, along with researchers from Washington State University and Arizona State University, present a new framework for balancing fast response times with energy use by constructing an offline imitation learning approach. They evaluated their method and showed its effectiveness on a mobile platform running widely used real-world applications.

The award will be presented at the ACM’s Design Automation Conference in San Francisco in December 2021.