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Umit Yusuf Ogras
February 13, 2022

Ogras receives outstanding researcher award from Intel

Umit Yusuf Ogras, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was recently selected for a 2021 Outstanding Researcher Award presented by the technology company Intel.

Umit Yusuf Ogras
Umit Yusuf Ogras

The annual award recognizes exceptional contributions made through university research sponsored by Intel in areas including field-programmable gate arrays, artificial intelligence and other technologies.

Ogras was cited for fast system-level performance modeling for emerging applications. Creating software and hardware for modern applications requires pre-silicon system-level modeling. However, detailed simulators are too slow and can’t provide realistic results for modern and emerging workflows. That’s why Ogras and his team, working in close collaboration with Intel, created automated modeling technology based on extending and applying queueing theory to speed up simulations while maintaining acceptable accuracy with respect to detailed simulators for cache coherent server and client fabrics.

The 17 awardees for 2021 come from institutions across the United States and Europe and were selected by Intel’s Corporate Research Council, which collaborates with university science and technology centers, the National Science Foundation and other research institutions.