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Christian Franck
March 23, 2022

Professor Christian Franck Featured on Science Channel Documentary

Written By: Caitlin Scott



Mechanical Engineering Professor Christian Franck will appear on an episode of Black Files Declassified airing on the Science Channel this Wednesday, March 23.

Franck is an expert on Havana syndrome and was interviewed for the documentary in October 2021. The film crew spent a fun morning in his lab and he shares that it was quite an experience to record the first 30 seconds of the opening scene 8 times from different angles and perspectives! This work on the effects of microwave exposures on the brain is a research direction Franck and his lab plan to study in great detail over the next few years, building on their previously published work.

Season 2 episode 3, of Black Files Declassified entitled ‘Secret World of Mind Control’ airs Wednesday, March 23 at 8pm Central on the Science Channel.