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College of Engineering news

Pascale Carayon
February 7, 2024

Carayon earns NAE election

The National Academy of Engineering has elected Pascale Carayon, professor emeritus of industrial and systems engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as one of its new members. Carayon, who retired…

UW Crest with engineering background
January 29, 2024

With collaboration, college and Midwest Tribes will accelerate community-led clean energy solutions

A new partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering and the Midwest Tribal Energy Resources Association will help individual communities identify and implement clean energy projects that align…

Evan Erickson with students Ryan Alimento, Aicha Sama, and Courtney Cochran
January 19, 2024

For chemical engineering student, D.C. internship illuminates career pathways in public policy

Since his freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Evan Erickson has worked as a researcher in a chemical engineering lab, learning in detail about how to optimize energy, waste…

UW Crest with engineering background
January 19, 2024

UW–Madison to transform STEM graduate education with Wisconsin Sloan Center for Systemic Change

With support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the University of Wisconsin–Madison will establish a new hub called the Wisconsin Sloan Center for Systemic Change, or WiSC2, to transform graduate…

transmission electron micrograph of the vesicular stomatitis virus
January 3, 2024

Through undergraduate research, engineer predicts the path, impact of viral mutations

When Brad Schwab started as a chemical and biological engineering undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he was certain that he would end up as a practicing engineer in industry….

Quentin Dudley
November 3, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Quentin Dudley is engineering plants to produce medicine, fuels and more

Most of today’s pharmaceuticals and chemicals are produced from petroleum products or refined from natural materials, often using energy-intensive and costly methods. But as it turns out, we’re surrounded by…

Grad student Anna Konstant examines a collaborative robot
October 4, 2023

When UW-Madison engineering ideas make their way across Wisconsin, everybody wins

Engineers play a critical role in solving challenges, whether they’re devising technology for the smart farms of the future, building fusion reactors to drive new sustainable energy possibilities, or creating…

Students and postdoctoral fellows researching innovations in STRAP recycling
September 25, 2023

With innovation and determination, grad students drive new plastics recycling applications

Take a stroll through a grocery store and one thing is clear—almost everything, from meat and bread to produce and cookies—is packaged in some form of plastic. While those wrappers…

A student talks with a recruiter at the fall 2023 Engineering & STEM Career Fair.
September 15, 2023

Hungry for engineering talent, employers flock to UW-Madison

Badger Engineers are in demand. Just ask some of the more than 320 employers who descended upon the College of Engineering Sept. 11-14 for the fall 2023 Engineering & STEM…

Algae blooms
August 31, 2023

On manure diet, cyanobacteria is a balanced biofertilizer that can help keep phosphorous out of our lakes

In Madison, Wisconsin, May is typically a great time to experience the city’s four large lakes; while the air temperature warms up, the water is still relatively cool and clear,…