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College of Engineering news

Grad student Anna Konstant examines a collaborative robot
October 4, 2023

When UW-Madison engineering ideas make their way across Wisconsin, everybody wins

Engineers play a critical role in solving challenges, whether they’re devising technology for the smart farms of the future, building fusion reactors to drive new sustainable energy possibilities, or creating…

Joshua Brockman
September 15, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Brockman reckons with the force of the immune system

Cells are the bedrock of life as we know it, carrying out essential biological functions across organisms. But, as Joshua Brockman is quick to note, cells are also mechanical entities,…

Ranjana Mehta
September 8, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Ranjana Mehta explores connections between mind, motor, machine

A worker wearing an exoskeleton can lift heavier objects without straining muscles, increasing productivity while reducing injury risk. At first glance, it’s a clear improvement, seemingly without any drawbacks. But…

PhD student Zack Harmer
August 29, 2023

New technique fast-tracks optogenetics work

By shining the right wavelength of light on cells outfitted with specific, light-sensitive proteins, scientists can turn cellular processes on and off—and in doing so, drive production of chemicals that…

Randy Bartels
August 14, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Randy Bartels pushes limits of imaging

Randy Bartels is chasing innovation in imaging technology while building collaborations with researchers across the biological sciences. So he should fit in nicely in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, whose…

PhD student Weijun Shen works with a robotic arm
June 7, 2023

Work of art: PhD student brings origami to 3D printing

At home, Weijun Shen enjoys crafting origami cranes and frogs for his 4-year-old daughter. But the PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison also brings his artistic curiosity into the…

Assistant Professor Filiz Yesilkoy and PhD student Samir Rosas show one of their lab's engineered plasmatic metasurfaces mounted with brain tissue.
May 30, 2023

Small nanoengineered surface shows big picture of tissue changes

When pathologists examine tissue samples for signs of disease, they rely on their trained eyes to spot changes in specific biomarkers that indicate abnormalities. Before those alterations become visible on…

Assistant Professor Gabriel Zayas-Caban (right) works with PhD students Valerie Odeh-Couvertier (left) and Fernando Acosta-Perez.
May 24, 2023

Zayas-Caban industrious in efforts to open STEM doors

When Gabriel Zayas-Caban arrived at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as an assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering in 2017, he was already familiar with the campus. His sister, Teresa,…

Postdoctoral researcher Kieran Sweeney works at a microscope
April 28, 2023

Shedding light on cells’ stress-induced self-talk

When a cell contends with changes in its environment, it takes action to respond. Signals travel through its internal circuitry, turning various cellular machinery on and off, expressing some genes…

Suyash Bhatt and Emily Masterson
April 5, 2023

Tiny antennas open door to injectable electronics for brain monitoring

By creating a miniscule device that translates brain activity into radiowaves, University of Wisconsin-Madison neuroengineers have taken a key step toward enabling injectable sensors for wireless, localized recording in the…