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August 27, 2019

Construction Industry Institute recognizes alumna’s PhD work

Written By: Alex Holloway

A University of Wisconsin-Madison civil and environmental engineering alumna has been recognized for her innovative work using augmented reality for production strategy processes.

 Hala Nassereddine
Hala Nassereddine

The Construction Industry Institute named Hala Nassereddine (MSCEE ’16, PhDCEE ’19) the 2019 Showcase Winner at its annual conference in August 2019.

Nassereddine’s doctoral research project focused on using the Microsoft HoloLens to design, implement and validate an AR-enabled production strategy process prototype. The production strategy process is an integral part of project planning and is essential for developing a reliable production plan.

Her work included analyzing existing production strategy process practices to identify opportunities to integrate augmented reality. She then developed a prototype augmented reality-enabled production strategy process using the HoloLens, which was validated on an in-progress construction project.

Through her work, Nassereddine found that AR-enabled production strategy processes offer benefits in improved collaboration, reductions in miscommunication, increased quality and error detection, enhanced decision making, increased integration of safety considerations, improved input accuracy and information access, improved information flow and better documentation.

While the construction industry is presently dominated by a document-centric approach for production strategy processes, Nassereddine’s work represents a potential block or sub-model for a model-centric approach.

Nassereddine is now an assistant professor of construction engineering and project management in the University of Kentucky’s Department of Civil Engineering.