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Undergraduate Learning Center

We focus on supporting you so that you can succeed.

Our engineering Undergraduate Learning Center (ULC) provides tutoring and academic support programs specifically for you. It’s a place where you can study, form study groups, and discuss engineering concepts and problem-solving strategies—not only with tutors, but with other engineering students. We also provide support in select core engineering, math, statistics and science courses.

We know it’s important to learn the “how” and “why” behind an answer, and we’ll help you build that foundation of knowledge so you can be successful throughout your time here. You can also come to the ULC just to practice and reinforce the concepts you’re learning.

The ULC offers services that are designed to fit how you study best. 

Drop-in tutoring

Drop-in tutoring and study space is a free tutoring service for more than 50 engineering, math and science courses. Come in to work on homework and get support from tutors. Drop-in tutoring is a great place to form study groups and make new friends among your classmates.

Practicing engineering problem solving (PrEPS) lab sessions

PrEPS Lab Sessions is an academic support program that helps you succeed in challenging foundational courses, including statics, dynamics, and physics. PrEPS sessions are led by undergraduate students who have taken and excelled in these courses. You’ll work in small groups with a student facilitator, who will guide work and discussions that help you learn strategies for improving your problem-solving skills and mastering concepts covered in lectures. PrEPS facilitates learning by working through course material in a low-pressure setting and provides you the opportunity to complete problems similar to those in homework sets and on exams.

Tutoring by request

Tutoring by Request (TBR) offers one-on-one tutoring for students in critical need including transfer students, returning adult students, those with McBurney support or other barriers to learning in a traditional setting.

Study tables 

If you learn and retain concepts better when you work in a groups, then you should check out our Study Tables. A hybrid of drop-in tutoring and PrEPS Labs, they allow you to meet regularly, work in small groups, and get extra study time to discuss homework and concepts from your courses. 

The ULC also offers programs for incoming and first-year students.

Math review

If you’re an incoming or first-year student, you can access free reviews of calculus courses to build a strong foundation and get a head start for your upcoming math classes at UW-Madison. 

Badger Engineering Start (BEST) Program

BEST is an early start program designed to help first-year engineering students who place into precalculus.  The program provides a space for students to develop a community of learners, get to know campus, learn about campus resources, and review foundational math concepts. At the end of the summer students retake the placement test, and regardless of their placement the BEST scholars receive ongoing support throughout their first year. 

Study interest groups (SIG)

Our Study Interest Group program helps our first-year students form study groups and connect with other engineering students. You can sign up and get matched with other first-year students who are enrolled in one or more courses with you. Whenever it’s possible, we try to match you with students in your same residence hall. 

Are you a current student looking for tutoring schedules and more ULC information?