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January 18, 2018

Dan Klingenberg honored with Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award

Written By: Silke Schmidt


 Dan Klingenberg
Dan Klingenberg

In December 2017, Chemical and Biological Engineering Professor Dan Klingenberg was selected to receive the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award for his outstanding contributions to the educational mission of the department and the College of Engineering. The award has regularly recognized the university’s finest educators since 1953.

Klingenberg has been a UW-Madison faculty member for about 25 years and has regularly taught CBE 320, a difficult core junior-level undergraduate class. In their nomination letter, his colleagues noted his “unique ability to explain concepts and illustrate ideas in ways that help students grasp the material while still retaining the necessary rigor and mathematical complexity [of CBE 320].” They also highlighted his collaboration with emeritus professor R. Byron Bird on the textbook Introductory Transport Phenomena. This widely praised book has made the material of Transport Phenomena (by R. Byron Bird, Warren Stewart and Edwin Lightfoot), one of chemical engineering’s seminal textbooks for advanced undergraduate and graduate students, more accessible to beginning students.

Klingenberg has also spearheaded several educational innovation efforts at the department and college level and has received multiple prestigious College of Engineering teaching awards during his career.

Chancellor Rebecca Blank and Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf will present the award at a ceremony on April 11, 2018, at the Fluno Center.