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Chirag Gupta, Shubhra Pasayat, Daniel Ludois
September 26, 2023

ECE’s Gupta, Pasayat, and Ludois receive $1.5M for semiconductor research

Written By: Allyson Crowley


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professors Chirag Gupta and Shubhra Pasayat, together with Associate Professor Daniel Ludois, have received a $1.5 Million NSF ASCENT grant to utilize wide bandgap semiconductor materials to develop an ultra-efficient, high-voltage transistor. The new transistor would be used in bidirectional power flow. This innovation could have direct implications for electric cars, the power grid, and data centers.

According to the NSF website, NSF ASCENT (Addressing Systems Challenges through Engineering Teams) grants “Support interdisciplinary research involving devices, circuits, systems and/or networks, with a focus on improving energy efficiency to combat climate change and enhance energy security.