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September 12, 2022

NEA appoints Wilson, Diem to global forum working groups

Written By: Adam Malecek



Photo of Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson

Engineering physics faculty members Paul Wilson and Stephanie Diem have been appointed to working groups at the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)’s Global Forum on Nuclear Education, Science, Technology, and Policy.

The Global Forum acts as an inclusive network of experts in the nuclear energy sector, primarily from academia, focused on enabling the generation and flow of ideas. With creative problem-solving measures, the Global Forum aims to help confront some of the most significant challenges the nuclear energy sector faces today.

Steffi Diem
Stephanie Diem. Photo: Bryce Richter.

Wilson, Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering and chair of the Department of Engineering Physics, has been appointed to the working group focused on rethinking the relationship between nuclear energy and society. The group will focus on ameliorating the public perception of the risk of nuclear and additionally improving public engagement, trust and understanding.

Diem, an assistant Professor in engineering physics, has been appointed to the working group focused on achieving gender equity in the nuclear engineering and technology and academic workforces. The group will refine activities to address the augmentation of the number of women in the nuclear field.

The working groups conduct studies and analyses in work areas related to the future of the nuclear sector, with a particular focus on educational and human capital issues. Outputs include internal discussion documents, topical workshops, published white papers, journal articles, editorials and policy papers.