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Department Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics

Saving this planet, exploring the rest

From cancer and heart disease to clean energy and space travel, the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics integrates fundamental physics, mathematics and engineering principles to solve critical societal problems, all while educating new generations of leaders.

Our ultimate goal is to help find solutions for saving people and our planet, while simultaneously exploring technology designed to bring us closer to the rest of the universe.

At a glance

Nuclear engineering and engineering physics department

of the nation’s few remaining research and teaching nuclear reactors
undergraduate ranking among public universities in nuclear engineering
graduate ranking among public universities in nuclear engineering

Nuclear engineering and engineering physics news

In our department, our research spans areas that include aerospace, materials, fusion energy, nuclear systems and more—and we are a community that brings them all together for the benefit of our world.
“Nuclear is a very niche field. We have very small classes and you’re going to see a lot of the same people throughout the day, which helps build collaboration when you’re working on projects and studying together. I think that’s very helpful.”
Brienna Johnson, NE ’23
Operator, UW Nuclear Reactor
Steffi Diem

Meet the faculty

The nuclear engineering and engineering physics faculty come from a variety of backgrounds, all bringing their experience and research together to create a dynamic, inspirational department of world-class educators.