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Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics About

Paul P.H. Wilson
“The UW-Madison Department of Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics has over 60 years of history as a leading nuclear engineering program, with unique strengths in both fission and fusion energy – both in the laboratory and in the classroom. Our extensive array of experimental facilities allow students to have valuable hands-on experiences as they develop a deeper understanding of concepts as undergraduates and graduate students alike. We foster a close-knit community of scholars where everyone knows and supports each other regardless of their path to get here or their plans when they leave. When they do leave, our students go on to leadership positions in companies, national laboratories and government agencies, leaving their mark on the world of nuclear science and technology, and beyond. With this ongoing impact, we like to say that we are, ‘Saving this planet, and exploring the rest’.”
Department Chair and Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering

Saving this planet. Exploring the rest.

Our Vision

Enable a safer, cleaner and sustainable world using fission and fusion energy.

Our Mission

To translate nuclear and plasma science into novel technology and educate new generations of leaders to address societal grand challenges.

Our Guiding Principles

Excellence: Research and teaching excellence are our foundation. The quality of the people we recruit and cultivate defines our success.

Community: We value and prioritize community to foster excellence, diversity and collegiality at all levels. 

Collaboration: We encourage partnering across and outside of the Department to address complex global challenges and to exercise national leadership.

Leadership: We are committed to being leaders in advancing technology, affecting policy, educating students, and promoting entrepreneurship.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics is committed to embracing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all its students, staff, and faculty.  We believe that every member of our community has a responsibility to promote diversity and create an environment of mutual respect and inclusive communication, which is essential to the strength and sustained growth of the department.  As a departmental community, we will celebrate the actions that promote inclusion and reject actions that diminish it. The department’s Climate, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (CEDI) committee represented by students, staff, and faculty focuses on fostering a safe, fair, and an intellectually-rich environment for all members of the department. 


A group for women and gender minorities in plasma physics