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October 11, 2022

Professor Kumar Sridharan presents keynote at International Materials, Applications, and Technologies (IMAT) Conference

Written By: Danielle Rosene


Kumar Sridharan
Kumar Sridharan

Kumar Sridharan the Grainger Professor in engineering physics and materials scicene and engineering gave a keynote presentation entitled “Cold Spray Technology for Nuclear Energy Systems” at the American Society for Materials’ annual International Materials, Applications, and Technologies (IMAT) Conference held in New Orleans, LA from September 11th to 14th, 2022.  The presentation focused on the applications of cold spray materials deposition technology for coatings for accident tolerant fuel cladding used in light water reactors, mitigation and repair of stress corrosion cracking in used fuel storage

Kumar Sridharan presenting at a conference

containments, and near-net shape manufacturing of high strength, radiation damage tolerant nanostructured steel fuel claddings for advanced nuclear reactors”.  The work was based on research being performed at UW by graduate students and scientific staff in the Nuclear and Applied Materials Research Group (NAMRG) led by Professor Sridharan.