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Department Biomedical Engineering

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Pushing the frontiers of science and technology

The goal of the Department of Biomedical Engineering is to educate engineers to lead the biotechnology revolution of the 21st century. Biomedical engineers are essential for progressing science and technology, and for developing new tools and techniques to solve some of our most fundamental problems in medicine.

We do not graduate engineers who simply can understand and work with biological scientists. Rather, we educate engineers who are able to design biological hypotheses that require novel engineering solutions.

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Biomedical engineering department

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Biomedical engineering news

Research in our department pushes the boundaries of science and technology, covering a spectrum of conditions, and is uniquely situated with access to one of the top-20 hospitals in the country, a veterinary school, and cutting-edge research centers.
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Meet the faculty

The College of Engineering biomedical engineering faculty are renowned for their dedication to medical innovation. They are not just educators—they are engineers who are constantly growing and learning alongside their students.