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Industrial & Systems Engineering About

What is industrial and systems engineering?

Industrial and systems engineers make things better! We focus on improving goods and services, making them more cost-effective and of greater value to people, industries, and society. Industrial engineers work in hospitals and medical centers, telecommunication companies, research laboratories, education systems, airline and transportation companies, banks, consulting organizations, and more. Industrial engineers often occupy management positions, both at entry levels and later as career advancements.

Established in 1966, our department has a history of strong commitment to both teaching and research in the field of industrial and systems engineering. We are a national leader in research funding, which places world-class faculty, opportunities and facilities at your fingertips.

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Our Mission

To advance industrial and systems engineering knowledge, excel in inclusive education, and inspire others to make a meaningful difference in their world, through innovative and ethical applications of engineering principles.

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Alumni Leadership

Our industry advisory board is composed of ISyE alumni, all of whom are accomplished industry leaders. These former Badgers provide support, advice and guidance to our department. Their work focuses on three primary areas:

UW-ISyE Industrial Advisory Board

Fall 2022 UW-ISyE Industrial Advisory Board Bios

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