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Mechanical Engineering Research

Photo of Tom Turng using a micro-injection molding machine

Advanced Manufacturing

Our research builds a scientific understanding of advanced manufacturing processes, observing the complex physical phenomena at play in manufacturing processes, developing physics-based models to predict outcomes, control these processes, and transfer this fundamental knowledge to industry.

We conduct exciting research in additive manufacturing (design for and simulation of high-energy, high-speed, in-process observation of polymer, metal and solid-state-metal additive manufacturing), biomanufacturing, sustainable manufacturing (energy efficiency and recycling strategies), smart manufacturing (embedding sensors in cutting tools), polymer manufacturing (modeling, simulating and designing for polymer injection molding; polymer foams and nanocomposites), and metal manufacturing (ultra-precision machining, solid-state joining, metal-matrix nanocomposites, and laser polishing).


Faculty affiliates

Laboratories and Centers

Manufacturing Innovation Network Laboratory

Laser-assisted Multi-scale Manufacturing Laboratory

Prabhakar Research Group

Polymer Engineering Center