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BME Seminar Series: David Dean, PhD

May 9 @ 9:30 AM 10:15 AM

David Dean, PhD

Personalized Approaches to Reconstructive Skeletal Surgery

David Dean, PhD
Principal Investigator
Osteo Engineering Laboratory
The Ohio State University

More and more planning and conducting of reconstructive skeletal surgery is moving from the mind’s eye to computers where one can plan procedures, design and produce surgical aids (e.g., cutting guides, drill guides) and design and produce implantable devices (e.g., skeletal fixation) that improve peri-operative and long term outcomes. Current Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) software used for these procedures commonly starts with 3D CT images of the relevant anatomy. The Osteo Engineering Laboratory (OEL) is extending its VSP environment to optimize device design via simulated performance (e.g., bone grafts, both autologous and tissue engineered, skeletal fixation devices, and vascularization devices). The OEL currently uses vat photopolymerization (i.e., solid-cured, 3D polymer printing), as well as biofabrication techniques such as the chaotic printing of cell-laden hydrogels and melt electrowriting of thin membrane biotextiles, to create form-fitting bone grafts and microvasculature. The OEL also studies the use of tethered ligands versus freely circulating whole cytokines as a potential means to more accurately control growth factor dose and distribution. Finally, the OEL is exploring the use of machined and 3D printed NiTi and resorbable Mg alloys to produce stiffness-matched, partially resorbable, skeletal fixation devices to avoid stress shielding-induced bone loss and stress concentration-induced device failure. All of these technologies offer the possibility of incorporation in Point-of-Care Manufacturing workpaths.

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