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The Mechanics Seminar: Ying Li

3M Auditorium, rm 1106 Mechanical Engineering Building 1513 University Ave, Madison

Development of a Physics- and Chemistry-based Viscoelastomeric Constitutive Model Ying Li, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison Abstract: Elastomers consist of long polymer chains joined together by chemical bonds through cross-linkers. They are usually capable of recovering their original shapes after finite deformation due to covalent cross-linkages. During a loading-unloading process, energy...

Federated Data Analytics for the Internet of Federated Things (IoFT)

1163 Mechanical Engineering 1513 Engineering Dr., Madison, WI

Room 1163 Mechanical Engineering A critical change is happening in today's Internet of Things (IoT). The computational power atthe edge device is steadily increasing. AI chips are rapidly infiltrating the market. Mobile phones'processing power is becoming comparable to laptops available for everyday use. Tesla's autopilot systemhas 150 million times more computing power than Apollo 11,...

WEMPEC Seminar Series – Milwaukee Electronics

1227 Engineering Hall 1415 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI

Clint Hanson, VP of Engineering, Milwaukee Electronics
Kamran Ramezani, Motor Designer
The Challenges of Designing a Good Motor All the Way to Manufacturing

CBE Fall Seminar Series: Randy Cortright

1610 Engineering Hall 1415 Engineering Drive, Madison, WI

Randy CortrightSenior Research AdvisorStrategic Lead for Electrons to Molecules InitiativeNational Renewable Energy Laboratory NREL’s Electrons to Molecules Initiative:Electricity-Driven Processes for Future Generation of Renewable Hydrogen,Net-Zero Fuels, Chemicals and Materials Interconverting...

ME 903 Graduate Seminar: Shiva Rudraraju

3M Auditorium, rm 1106 Mechanical Engineering Building 1513 University Ave, Madison

Speaker: Shiva Rudraraju, University of Wisconsin-Madison Faculty host: Xiaoping Qian

MS&E Seminar Series: Dr. Marina Radulaski

Room 265 Materials Science and Engineering Building 1509 University Ave, Madison, Wisconsin

Dr. Marina Radulaski
University of California - Davis
Quantum Nanophotonics Hardware: From Nanofabrication to Quantum Circuit Mapping

ME Scholarship Night

Mechanical Engineering Building 1513 University Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin

This invite-only event brings together students, their families, and scholarship supporters to award scholarships to over a hundred Mechanical Engineering students who have distinguished themselves through academic success, curiosity in...