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College of Engineering news

student doing hands-on work
March 20, 2023

UW-Madison engineering talent critical to state, national economic progress

Updated: March 20, 2023 Many of Wisconsin’s most notable companies have grown from family businesses founded decades ago into multibillion-dollar companies with an international reach—and engineers drive the innovations that…

Fang Liu working in the lab
March 16, 2023

Great minds converge here

We’re expanding our faculty expertise in energy storage, semiconductors, autonomous systems and data science … and we’re planning to grow for greater impact. Fang Liu arrived on the UW-Madison campus…

Semiconductor device that was UV laser grown and fabricated at UW-Madison by Shubhra Pasayat and Chirag Gupta
March 16, 2023

Electronic Essential

We are contributing talent and tech to a much-needed domestic semiconductor industry revitalization. During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, anyone in the market for a new car, refrigerator or…

Stable Diffusion-generated image of researcher working with huge piles of data
March 15, 2023

ChatGPT makes materials research much more efficient

The artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT developed by OpenAI promises to reshape the way people work and learn. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in fact, the large language model is…

Students in hands-on power electronics lab course
March 8, 2023

Applying science to the art of teaching engineers

A sharper focus on the scholarly side of learning benefits not only students, but the discipline as a whole. “In research, taking risks is rewarded, because it may lead to…

MS&E students work on capstone project testing materials
March 7, 2023

MS&E capstone team draws on individual talents

In the fall of 2022, University of Wisconsin-Madison materials science and engineering students Anna Janicek, Simon Roemig, Sarah Tang and Griffin Tong formed a team for their capstone course. While…

Shuoyuan Huang works at the 4D STEM microscope
March 2, 2023

With molecules stacked in their favor, researchers use pioneering imaging system to look at organic semiconductor glass

Using a revolutionary ultrafast camera, engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a new way to characterize organic glass thin films. This understanding could lead to new types of…

Jun Xiao working in his lab
February 17, 2023

Jun Xiao will use CAREER Award to design new types of 2D materials

Materials development is the foundation for many technology innovations. Often, when one material is integrated with another, new properties and functionalities can emerge. That’s the case with 2D quantum materials…

Merci Schneider
February 8, 2023

Rising STARs

A new scholarship program invests in students who bring a wider range of experiences and perspectives to engineering. Merci Schneider is a first-year biomedical engineering student who plans to use…

Engineers Without Borders Uganda project team
February 6, 2023

EWB brings hands-on design experience with Ugandan project

After a long wait, the University of Wisconsin-Madison student chapter of Engineers Without Borders will soon work with community members on the other side of the world to begin construction…