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College of Engineering news

microscopic image of 3D-printed 17-4 stainless steel

Researchers uncover how to 3D-print one of the strongest stainless steels

For airliners, cargo ships, nuclear power plants and other critical technologies, strength and durability are essential. This is why many contain a remarkably strong and corrosion-resistant alloy called 17-4 precipitation…

Eric Kazyak

Focus on new faculty: Eric Kazyak, investigating interfaces to enable improved batteries

For society to transition from fossil fuels to renewable, but intermittent, energy sources such as wind and solar, there is a pressing need for new energy storage technologies that can…

Allison Mahvi

Focus on new faculty: Allison Mahvi, enabling new energy storage systems

When we think of energy storage, batteries typically come to mind. But Allison Mahvi envisions something bigger: the buildings in which we live and work. “Buildings can be a good…

Ying Li

Focus on new faculty: Ying Li harnesses supercomputers and AI to design better polymers

There’s a scene in the 2010 Marvel superhero movie Iron Man 2 that had a big impact on Ying Li. In the movie, Tony Stark has blood poisoning from the…

Eric Tervo

Focus on new faculty: A warm welcome for Eric Tervo and his quest to harness heat

In general, heat is the enemy of most technologies; engines and motors can fail when they overheat and computer components tend to fritz out when they get too hot. But…

Jinlong Wu

Focus on new faculty: Jinlong Wu, leveraging data-driven modeling to predict the future of complex systems

When we look at a cloud, there are many ways we might describe it: wispy, fluffy, dense, dark or ominous. When Jinlong Wu looks at a cloud, however, he sees…

Jay Flores

Engineer reinvents himself as an ambassador to excite kids worldwide about science

When Jay Flores isn’t climbing and leaping through obstacle courses to train for NBC’s American Ninja Warrior or traveling internationally to deliver energizing keynotes, he spends a lot of time…


A penetrating gaze: System allows world’s first X-ray look at electron-beam 3D-printing process

One of the greatest areas of potential for 3D printing might be in the ability to realize geometrically challenging or one-of-a-kind designs—for example, a patient’s replacement scapula, designed from a…

John Bollinger

John Bollinger, college’s longest-serving dean, dies at 87

As dean of the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering, John G. Bollinger sought to create a dynamic, innovative educational community. Those who knew Bollinger well describe him as a…

Student design for a custom gate and fence system

Making a difference: Seniors’ design benefits Wisconsin company run by high schoolers

When people in the Strum, Wisconsin, area need a custom part machined or fixed, they often turn to a group of talented high school students to get the job done….