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College of Engineering news

PhD student Mitchell Josvai works in the lab
May 7, 2024

New model will help researchers connect dots at the intersection of our joints

The myotendinous junction is a key connective point in the human body, where skeletal muscle meets tendon. When muscles contract, the junction transmits the force to tendons, facilitating movement. As…

Image of gear mesh with a tangled element
May 1, 2024

A game-changing solution to a knotty problem in computational engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have developed a remarkably easy-to-implement solution for handling tangled computational meshes—a major computational engineering challenge that can garble an object’s shape. To predict how various structures…

Student Ben Levy makes an adjustment to his haptic glove
April 29, 2024

Undergrad’s ambitious research project produces novel haptic glove design

As a high school student in the San Francisco Bay Area during COVID pandemic lockdowns, Ben Levy had a lot of free time on his hands while being stuck at…

Jennifer Franck
April 25, 2024

With NSF CAREER award, Jennifer Franck aims to advance renewable marine energy

When it comes to renewable energy, wind and solar are the most prominent technologies. But marine energy—energy harvested from moving water in rivers, tidal channels and oceans—could provide another source…

Luca Mastropasqua in his lab with a high-temperature electrolysis testing station.
April 17, 2024

Slashing the carbon footprint of steel production

Manufacturing iron and steel is an extremely energy-intensive process, and the industry is one of the highest greenhouse gas-emitting sectors. Luca Mastropasqua, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the…

Graphic of a highly magnified surface of a water filtration membrane as a mountainous landscape
April 11, 2024

Nothing is everything: How hidden emptiness can define the usefulness of filtration materials

Voids, or empty spaces, exist within matter at all scales, from the astronomical to the microscopic. In a new study, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of…

UW Crest with engineering background
March 22, 2024

Accelerating nuclear materials discovery through AI is key in achieving climate goals

Adrien Couet, an associate professor of nuclear engineering and engineering physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is creating a platform to speed up development of materials for advanced fission and…

Pavana Prabhakar and PhD student Hridyesh Tewani testing material in the lab
March 18, 2024

New ‘structures within structures’ foam softens a blow and bounces right back

It might put an extra bounce in your step or add resilience to the hull of a ship: The unique internal structure of a lightweight 3D-printed syntactic foam created by…

hero energy graphic
March 15, 2024

Energy Reservoirs

We’re capturing the potential in a portfolio of new, more sustainable storage technologies. Every year, renewable resources like wind and solar become a larger slice of the energy mix in…

stock image of person doing kicking motion
March 15, 2024

Kicking generic knees to the curb

How a mechanical engineer hopes to influence the ubiquitous surgery’s success, one patient at a time Deb Constien recalls a time years ago when climbing the stairs of her house…