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College of Engineering news

Consortium for Holistic Steel Systems members John Klein, Hannah Blum, Andrea Hicks and Thomas Sputo
June 27, 2024

With a strong foundation, new steel consortium at UW-Madison blends sustainability with structural integrity

A new research consortium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison leverages structural engineering research excellence and the applied experience of industrial partners. Hannah Blum, an associate professor of civil and environmental…

Researchers Md Sariful Sheikh, Ryan Jacobs, Jun Meng and Dane Morgan
June 13, 2024

An oxide in a haystack: From a field of 34,000, advanced computational techniques identify exactly the right material

Using advanced computational techniques and molecular-level simulation, a team of materials science engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has identified, synthesized and tested a new class of materials that act…

Christian Franck discusses traumatic brain injuries in an interview
June 7, 2024

Ask an expert: Franck breaks down blast and bump injuries to the brain

Christian Franck is the Bjorn Borgen Professor of mechanical engineering. He studies traumatic brain injuries and leads the multi-institutional, interdisciplinary PANTHER research initiative. PANTHER’s work focuses on understanding, detecting and…

Isaiah McCray Jones, Adam Falk and Josh Baston
May 29, 2024

Forged in Madison: Casting competition busts down doors for materials science students

During his time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Adam Falk has had many doors opened to him. In early May 2024, however, the materials science and engineering senior literally tore…

Chang-Beom Eom
May 24, 2024

New synthesis technique can make thin films from mismatched elements

Materials science and engineering researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a new synthesis technique for creating extremely clean single crystalline thin films. Called hybrid pulsed-laser deposition, the method…

Cody Falconer works on the molten salt loop in the laboratory
April 23, 2024

New technique pinpoints material corrosion in molten salt systems in real time

A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers has developed a new technique that allows them, for the first time, to see how materials corrode directly within a high-temperature flowing molten…

Theodore Puls poses next to the chemical vapor deposition system
April 19, 2024

With job at leading semiconductor company waiting in the wings, chef overcomes obstacles and remains positive in quest to earn chemical engineering degree

In 2018, Theodore Puls was living in Boulder, Colorado, working as the chef at a restaurant he helped design when he hit a rough patch. He was in the middle…

Xudong Wang and graduate student Wenjian Liu show off the dendrite-inhibiting membrane
April 18, 2024

Self-flattening membrane will power a smooth transition to next-generation batteries

The anodes, or negative electrodes, in most rechargeable batteries are currently made of graphite. But the next generation of high-capacity, fast-charging, low-cost batteries will use metal anodes instead, which will…

Qin lab in front of test flight plane
April 15, 2024

UW-Madison engineers make 3D printing breakthrough in race to in-space manufacturing

In the end, Rayne Wolf could hardly bear to look at the monitor attached to the microscope she and her labmates had set up in a hangar at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood…

Undergraduates in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering’s capstone class examine a piece of laser-textured steel using a scanning electron microscope
April 12, 2024

For Wisconsin company, undergrads highlight laser focus on engineered coatings

Almost every metal tool out there, from surgical scalpels to agricultural blades, is treated with some sort of engineered coating. These coatings have all sorts of benefits—including reducing wear and…