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College of Engineering news

Ying Li
September 6, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Ying Li harnesses supercomputers and AI to design better polymers

There’s a scene in the 2010 Marvel superhero movie Iron Man 2 that had a big impact on Ying Li. In the movie, Tony Stark has blood poisoning from the…

Jinlong Wu
August 31, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Jinlong Wu, leveraging data-driven modeling to predict the future of complex systems

When we look at a cloud, there are many ways we might describe it: wispy, fluffy, dense, dark or ominous. When Jinlong Wu looks at a cloud, however, he sees…

Tony McDonald
August 29, 2022

Focus on new faculty: McDonald integrates human factors into machine learning

Tony McDonald has a vision for bridging the fields of human factors engineering and machine learning, allowing them to inform each other and work in concert to create a safer…

Pedro Morgado
August 24, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Pedro Morgado wants AI to see for itself

While artificial intelligence has made huge strides in recent years, there’s actually a lot of human intervention going on behind the scenes; most AI relies on training materials—usually massive troves…

Jian Liu testing new cathode material
August 4, 2022

From virtual to reality: Novel material identified by computers makes fuel cells more efficient

A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison materials scientists have shown that a material they discovered via advanced computational simulation can, in real life, improve the performance of electrodes in solid…

Carlos Pérez De Jesús
July 27, 2022

Graduate student Carlos Pérez De Jesús feels at home in CBE

When Carlos Pérez De Jesús first traveled from Puerto Rico to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) program in 2014, he was excited to attend…

iStock image of melting glass
July 20, 2022

Hopping atoms help predict how liquid silica cools into good glass

Despite millennia of glass making, the physics of what happens when silica sand is melted and cooled is still something of a mystery to researchers. Now, in a groundbreaking window…

Randolph Ashton and Gavin Knight at Summerfest Tech
July 20, 2022

Ashton lab spinoff safeguards developing brain, spinal cord from toxic threats

Amid his usual day-to-day of meeting with students, writing research papers and grant proposals, and overseeing experiments in a productive lab at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery on the University…

Electric power lines
July 11, 2022

Power to the people

Three ways our nation’s electrical grid must change for a brighter future The world is on the cusp of a renewable energy tipping point; with recent technology advances, green energy…

Ilhan Bok working in the lab
June 9, 2022

Neural engineers use simulation to test nanoparticles for whole-brain imaging

Magnetic particle imaging (MPI) is an emerging technology that could allow researchers and clinicians to glimpse organs, in real time, with a resolution and sensitivity superior to commonly used tools…