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College of Engineering news

Fang Liu working in the lab
March 16, 2023

Great minds converge here

We’re expanding our faculty expertise in energy storage, semiconductors, autonomous systems and data science … and we’re planning to grow for greater impact. Fang Liu arrived on the UW-Madison campus…

Juliana Pacheco Duarte
March 3, 2023

EP department sharpens its focus on nuclear engineering

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in companies working on advanced nuclear reactor systems and fusion technology to aid in the transition to clean energy. It’s also…

February 27, 2023

Vinayak will use CAREER Award to make machine learning models learn from diverse data

Even though you may not entirely realize it, artificial intelligence has a huge influence on our lives. The AI subfield of machine learning, in which computers learn from data, underlies…

Xiaobin Xiong
February 8, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Xiaobin Xiong wants to help robots walk off the beaten path

Moving from California to Wisconsin, Xiaobin Xiong was particularly excited to live in an area with snowy winters—although not necessarily because he loves the season. Rather, he says Wisconsin winters…

Assistant Professor Justin Boutilier and undergraduate student Katherine Breen
January 23, 2023

New program helps industrial engineering undergrads explore research

Over the course of three years spent working on the same research project, University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduate Katherine Breen made a fundamental self-discovery that went beyond any data she’ll publish….

Ying Li
September 6, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Ying Li harnesses supercomputers and AI to design better polymers

There’s a scene in the 2010 Marvel superhero movie Iron Man 2 that had a big impact on Ying Li. In the movie, Tony Stark has blood poisoning from the…

Jinlong Wu
August 31, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Jinlong Wu, leveraging data-driven modeling to predict the future of complex systems

When we look at a cloud, there are many ways we might describe it: wispy, fluffy, dense, dark or ominous. When Jinlong Wu looks at a cloud, however, he sees…

Tony McDonald
August 29, 2022

Focus on new faculty: McDonald integrates human factors into machine learning

Tony McDonald has a vision for bridging the fields of human factors engineering and machine learning, allowing them to inform each other and work in concert to create a safer…

Pedro Morgado
August 24, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Pedro Morgado wants AI to see for itself

While artificial intelligence has made huge strides in recent years, there’s actually a lot of human intervention going on behind the scenes; most AI relies on training materials—usually massive troves…

Jian Liu testing new cathode material
August 4, 2022

From virtual to reality: Novel material identified by computers makes fuel cells more efficient

A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison materials scientists have shown that a material they discovered via advanced computational simulation can, in real life, improve the performance of electrodes in solid…