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College of Engineering news

Fang Liu working in the lab
March 16, 2023

Great minds converge here

We’re expanding our faculty expertise in energy storage, semiconductors, autonomous systems and data science … and we’re planning to grow for greater impact. Fang Liu arrived on the UW-Madison campus…

Stable Diffusion-generated image of researcher working with huge piles of data
March 15, 2023

ChatGPT makes materials research much more efficient

The artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT developed by OpenAI promises to reshape the way people work and learn. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in fact, the large language model is…

February 27, 2023

Vinayak will use CAREER Award to make machine learning models learn from diverse data

Even though you may not entirely realize it, artificial intelligence has a huge influence on our lives. The AI subfield of machine learning, in which computers learn from data, underlies…

Xiaobin Xiong
February 8, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Xiaobin Xiong wants to help robots walk off the beaten path

Moving from California to Wisconsin, Xiaobin Xiong was particularly excited to live in an area with snowy winters—although not necessarily because he loves the season. Rather, he says Wisconsin winters…

Driving simulator
February 2, 2023

Remote-controlled trucks could fill human gaps in transportation sector

You don’t have to work in the transportation industry to feel the impact of America’s trucker shortage. Across the United States, the issue, which has simmered for years, reared its…

Assistant Professor Justin Boutilier and undergraduate student Katherine Breen
January 23, 2023

New program helps industrial engineering undergrads explore research

Over the course of three years spent working on the same research project, University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduate Katherine Breen made a fundamental self-discovery that went beyond any data she’ll publish….

Jeremy Coulson
January 6, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Jeremy Coulson is making smart systems smarter

Autonomous systems are becoming more and more impressive, from smart homes that learn a family’s routine to delivery robots that can safely cross an intersection on their own. However, the…

Vehicular-traffic becomes congested along a partially-flooded section of East Washington Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin
December 13, 2022

TOPS Lab hopes to slow down pandemic-fueled distracted, impaired driving in Wisconsin

Traffic plunged across the United States at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020. Wisconsin’s traffic followed this trend, too, plummeting along with total crashes. Paradoxically, even with…

Yonatan Mintz and PhD student Eric Pulick working at a computer
November 8, 2022

Mintz creating framework for safe, ethical AI

Artificial intelligence is spreading across industries, handling tasks like credit card and insurance approvals, assisting with medical diagnoses and even surgeries, and driving autonomous vehicles. Before long, AI could make…

Sikai Chen
September 8, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Sikai Chen aims to drive safety, efficiency improvements with automated vehicles

When Sikai Chen thinks about “smart” connected driving in the world of tomorrow, three factors come to mind. Chen focuses his research on these three areas: connected and automated transportation,…