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College of Engineering news

Grad student Anna Konstant examines a collaborative robot
October 4, 2023

When UW-Madison engineering ideas make their way across Wisconsin, everybody wins

Engineers play a critical role in solving challenges, whether they’re devising technology for the smart farms of the future, building fusion reactors to drive new sustainable energy possibilities, or creating…

UW Crest with engineering background
September 26, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Grigorios Chrysos is making machine learning safe and secure for everybody

Machine learning is starting to creep into all sorts of applications in our everyday lives, from search engines and digital assistants to traffic alerts. In the near future, even more…

UW Crest with engineering background
September 26, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Haihan Sun is helping the world look deeper

Versions of ground-penetrating radar have been around for nearly a century but, despite advances, the data provided by the technology is still pretty crude. Using cutting-edge hardware and new software…

Feng Ye
September 20, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Feng Ye is helping communications networks work smarter

Doing an afternoon of errands while listening to a favorite podcast on your phone may feel like a simple task for you, but for the communications networks around you, it’s…

Ranjana Mehta
September 8, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Ranjana Mehta explores connections between mind, motor, machine

A worker wearing an exoskeleton can lift heavier objects without straining muscles, increasing productivity while reducing injury risk. At first glance, it’s a clear improvement, seemingly without any drawbacks. But…

Kassem Fawaz talks to a student at UW-Madison
June 27, 2023

Ask an expert: Fawaz on data privacy, ChatGPT

Kassem Fawaz is an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering. Among other areas, he focuses on online privacy and security: how we interact with mobile devices, online applications, and…

Eric Tervo, Jennifer Choy and Dakotah Thompson doing research in thermal photonics lab
June 26, 2023

New center aims to expand the role of semiconductors

Unlike any other in the world, the new Wisconsin Center for Semiconductor Thermal Photonics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will combine research in photonics, thermal science, and quantum science to…

PhD student Weijun Shen works with a robotic arm
June 7, 2023

Work of art: PhD student brings origami to 3D printing

At home, Weijun Shen enjoys crafting origami cranes and frogs for his 4-year-old daughter. But the PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison also brings his artistic curiosity into the…

Members of ARC Lab test drone
May 24, 2023

With NSF CAREER Award, Xiangru Xu aims to improve safety of autonomous systems

Despite years of development, truly autonomous technologies such as self-driving vehicles and delivery drones continue to remain elusive, largely due to safety and reliability concerns. Meanwhile, thanks to advances in…

Fang Liu working in the lab
March 16, 2023

Great minds converge here

We’re expanding our faculty expertise in energy storage, semiconductors, autonomous systems and data science … and we’re planning to grow for greater impact. Fang Liu arrived on the UW-Madison campus…