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College of Engineering news

Kangwook Lee
May 6, 2024

Through his CAREER award, Kangwook Lee is looking for ways to make AI more adaptable

The reason generative artificial intelligence models like ChatGPT or Gemini can fix computer code in just seconds, compose a sonnet in the style of Shakespeare, or explain the physics of…

Student Ben Levy makes an adjustment to his haptic glove
April 29, 2024

Undergrad’s ambitious research project produces novel haptic glove design

As a high school student in the San Francisco Bay Area during COVID pandemic lockdowns, Ben Levy had a lot of free time on his hands while being stuck at…

Students discuss a low-frequency magnetic beacon
April 15, 2024

There’s no substitute for real engineering: In underwater localization class, design students aim for new technology

When Joe Berg, a senior in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was deciding which classes to take for the fall semester 2023, one offering caught his…

Qin lab in front of test flight plane
April 15, 2024

UW-Madison engineers make 3D printing breakthrough in race to in-space manufacturing

In the end, Rayne Wolf could hardly bear to look at the monitor attached to the microscope she and her labmates had set up in a hangar at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood…

Kangwook Lee talking with students
April 9, 2024

Data ethics course teaches undergrads how to reduce bias in AI

Large language models like ChatGPT and other forms of artificial intelligence are quickly reshaping the world. But in many cases, these systems are imposing a viewpoint based on the biases…

PhD student Jack West and Assistant Professor Kassem Fawaz use Instagram’s vision model
April 2, 2024

Popular social media mobile apps extract data from photos on your phone, introducing both bias and errors

Digital privacy and security engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found that both TikTok and Instagram extract different levels of personal and demographic data from user images, but can…

Qiaomin Xie
April 1, 2024

Xie hopes to advance reinforcement learning with NSF CAREER Award

As requests flood a data center, the computer network must match those requests to servers in a way that balances completing each job quickly with managing overall system performance. Qiaomin…

Participant in human-robot collaboration research trial
February 26, 2024

Looking into the brain, through the eyes to uncover sex differences in human-robot collaboration

As human workers and robots collaborate more and more frequently, particularly in the manufacturing sector, it’s important—for safety and productivity—their partnership includes a key ingredient: trust. And to design and…

Yunus Alapan
February 9, 2024

Focus on new faculty: Yunus Alapan creates microrobots to benefit human health

During a medical appointment, a doctor deploys a tiny robot in a patient’s body, where it homes in on the patient’s diseased cells and tissues and delivers drugs directly to…

AI concept iStock
February 8, 2024

Chancellor unveils bold initiatives to innovate, address global challenges

The College of Engineering will play key roles in University of Wisconsin-Madison campuswide initiatives designed to address global challenges—notably artificial intelligence and environmental sustainability. The initiatives fall under Wisconsin RISE…